How it all came about


When I founded Amour Propre two years ago, it became my lemonade.

Bitter at times, sweeter in others but all in all, a serious blessing and result of the lemons I was dealt with (aren't we all).

Truth be told, I was at one of the lowest points of my life when the idea and name came to me and that on every level, mind, body & spirit. What had always been a quest was now a pressing obligation: finding what I wanted to do, for myself, letting it guide me, bring the best in me and doing it fully.

Over the ten years of working as a model in some of fashion's central cities (I was scouted at 17 and began traveling on my own from that point on) like Paris & Milan, it had taken a toll on my notions of what I understood to be healthy, good for me and how to take proper care of myself. I knew I had to make a choice to either continue on in that career path or move on to a new path. I made the personal decision to go back to university and move back home before I felt it would be too late to.

What I had once learned to be restrictive both in life and in foods I had labeled as "on track" and focused, where overworking and exhausted from lack of all the good things including sleep, food, and care for my skin and body were symbols of hard work and success. I didn't restrict foods or calories, but I followed very boring and bland nutrition meals to say the least and gave little importance to sleep until later on in my career. It took me stepping back from what I had known for so long to rethink and relearn what it meant to be healthy, to treat my body with respect, to listen to my skin for what it's asking for and to reconnect with the person that I was.

"Self-love" had always been a theme from a young age, my father being a herbalist always kept us close to natural healing & remedies, (...) but ironically it had been years over of drifting further and further away from it.

Once I moved back to Montreal, I returned to school and to spare some personal obstacles, I came to my weakest point. And this is where I came with Amour Propre as an idea that didn't completely make sense, if any but just clicked to be right. Looking back I feel it has been almost an affirmation that keeps me slinging back to self, to self love, to nature, to healing and the right definition of "amour propre".

There is too much to even say about the road that got me to the name but from sleepless nights, to reactive skin, to years of working under pressure with everything but self-love in practice, all I had been reading and learning merged into one place and has felt just right ever since.

 In the process of learning herbalism and now naturopathy, I've only gotten closer to an imperfect, happy balance and greater space of consciousness for the way I treat my body, my mind, my skin and the way I use nature in doing so. The more I learned, the more I studied, the clearer its been how powerful botanical ingredients and the science behind them can be used to treat our skin and bodies and support us in living a better life. Just like our brand name has been an affirmation to me, the rituals our products have been designed to make space to inspire the same.

It goes without saying that with a growth in consciousness and gratitude for the gifts nature gives us, we have to be minimizing the damage we are doing and do the best we can in reverting what has been done in the past.